We Appreciate Our Volunteers!

During one of the most challenging years in Muskego Senior Taxi’s history, our volunteers kept pushing on and together donated 3,800 hours of service to the community through driving, office assistance, and fundraising. Many of those individuals are pictured here and still more serve in different ways throughout the year. During Volunteer Appreciation Month, Let’s Thank Them All!

Pictured Above Top (Back Row Left to Right) are Volunteers Kurt Kamperschroer, David Powell, Therese Baxter, Larry Merrill, David Millin, Roger Basterash, Al Johnson, Neil Borgman, Wayne Gerlach. Seated (Left to Right) are Volunteer Pat Milewski, Director Karin Nickel, Volunteers Joy Hemmer, Sandy Zielinski, and Laura Vogel, and Scheduler Mary Zurowski. Additional amazing Volunteers not pictured here include Brian Hale, Bob Henke, Bonnie Johnson, Mark & Gail Marohl, Ann Wissing, Susan O’Neill, Arthur Sprague, Jeanne Steuck, Jeff Uhl, Sharan Zelinski, Brian & Pam Kramer, Sarah Bonnert, Debbie Brownlow, Ryan Busack, Jim Nichols, Bob Hammel, Jeff Petersen, and Driver & Auto Maintenance Coordinator Laura Gentele.

Pictured Above (Left to Right) are Volunteers David Millin, Joy Hemmer, Wayne Gerlach, Kurt Kamperschroer and Therese Baxter. Together we celebrated our amazing volunteers with a pizza party at Avalanche Grill and we revealed the new addition to our fleet–a 2018 Honda Clarity!

Muskego Senior Taxi is Going Green!

Pictured Last Row Left to Right are Volunteers Wayne Gerlach, David Millin, David Powell, Kurt Kamperschroer, Neil Borgman, Al Johnson. Front Row Left to Right are Volunteers Roger Basterash and Larry Merrill, Director Karin Nickel, Volunteer Therese Baxter, Scheduler Mary Zurowski, and Volunteer Joy Hemmer.

Thanks to generous donations from the Muskego Community, an Electric Vehicles for Good Grant through RENEW WISCONSIN as well as a Community Development Block Grant through Waukesha County, the Muskego Senior Taxi was able to unveil an electric vehicle on Earth Day–a 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid! With Electricity & Gas, it gets 110 mpg (according to fueleconomy.gov)!

We gathered for an open house/pizza party at Avalanche Grill to celebrate our new addition to the fleet, as well as the generous donations of time and talents by our amazing Volunteers during the Volunteer Appreciation Week! When you run into one of our Taxi Drivers around town, please thank them for their service to the families in our community who need assistance with transportation.

We would also be interested in adding additional electric vehicles to our fleet to both help keep Muskego’s air clean and save fuel costs. If anyone is aware of a used vehicle–hybrid or all electric for sale, please contact the Taxi office at 262-679-4754. We are committed to reducing emissions for a cleaner community.

Many Thanks to Our Community for Your On-going encouragement and support!

It’s a Pizza Burger!

Piggly Wiggly of Muskego is hosting a Pizza Burger Fundraiser for Muskego Senior Taxi

Friday, Sept 17th and Saturday, Sept18th 10:00 a.m.-5:00p.m outside it’s store entrance. Pizza Burger Meals will be served by Muskego Senior Taxi Volunteers and ready for pick-up by customers.

Please bring your friends and family for a tasty treat to help support the Taxi and experience the famous Muskego Pizza Burger Dinner!

$5-Burger, Chips, Soda

$4-Burger Only